Fashionable clinical science and Yoga are rational, scientific and universal in outlook and therefore are normal allies. Their mixture has the probable to deliver us with a holistic wellness science that will be a boon for the psychosomatic wellness of our masses. Yoga involves a holistic solution to therapeutic and  integrates therapeutic with the society, diet program, atmosphere, and custom.

Fashionable allopathic medicine that originated from Greco-Roman Medicine and Northern European traditions is constructed on the science of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry and the composition-operate relationship among cells, tissues, and organs. Allopathic medicine focuses on diagnosis, treatment, and overcome for acute ailments through potent pharmaceutical medicine, operation, radiation, stem mobile and other treatment modalities.

Fashionable clinical improvements deliver the rationale for the integration of different common therapeutic techniques including Yoga to endorse therapeutic, wellness, and longevity. It is vital that improvements in medicine include the holistic solution of Yoga to experience the recent difficulties in wellness care. The antiquity of Yoga have to be united with the improvements of contemporary medicine to improve top quality of everyday living in the course of the earth.

Fashionable medicine has the greatest purpose and aim of creating a point out of ideal actual physical and psychological wellness so in the long run leadings to the ideal well currently being of the specific. Yoga also aims at the attainment of psychological and actual physical well currently being however the methodology differs. Even though contemporary medicine has a whole lot to present mankind in its treatment and administration of acute illness, mishaps and communicable conditions, Yoga has  whole lot to present in phrases of preventive, promotive and rehabilitative procedures in addition to many administration procedures to tackle emerging difficulties like Obesity, Diabetes, Coronary heart, Joint and Psychosomatic Diseases and many others to contemporary clinical science.


The examine of anatomy and physiology is a good assembly issue for contemporary medicine and Yoga. Yoga therapists and practitioners can profit from the intricate and thorough ‘break-down study’ of contemporary medicine the place the entire body is damaged down into many techniques, then into many organs, many tissues and eventually into billions of cells including the emerging idea of stem cells. On the other hand the Yogic ” holistic” look at of the Pancha Kosha (the 5 sheathed existence) can support contemporary medical professionals notice that we are not just, ‘one-body’ organisms but have four much more bodies that are equally if not much more significant. We are a manifestation of the Divine and have, not only the actual physical entire body but also an vitality entire body, a psychological entire body, a entire body of wisdom and a entire body of eternal bliss. An comprehending of the psychic anatomy and physiology of Nadis, Chakras and Bindus when coupled with the sensible comprehending of the information of the actual physical entire body can encourage real knowledge of the self in all wellness care personnel. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has tried using to correlate 37 places of human physiology with 37 places of intelligence or consciousness as obtainable in Vedic literature. Some of the illustrations are the correlation among Nyaya and the Thalamus as well as Samkya and the kinds of neuronal action.

In his excellent book, “The Shambala Manual to Yoga”, Dr. George Feuerstein states, “Extensive in advance of physicists found out that subject is vitality vibrating at a sure fee, the Yogis of India experienced handled this entire body-mind as a playful manifestation of the greatest electricity (Shakti), the dynamic part of Reality. They realized that to discover the legitimate Self, one particular experienced to harness focus for the reason that the vitality of the entire body-mind follows ‘attention’. A crude example of this procedure is the measurable enhance of blood circulation to our fingers and toes that happens when we focus on them. Yogis are pretty very careful about the place they area their focus, for the mind makes styles of vitality, resulting in routines of believed and habits that can be harmful to the pursuit of legitimate joy”. Professor Dr SV Rao, an eminent clinical doctor and Yoga Scientist states, “Yoga is a science for the reason that it is verifiable. Yoga as a science of living is also an art. Yoga, thus, might be outlined as the science and art of ideal living”

Avoidance OF Condition:

As for every the idea of good Maharishi Patanjali, Yogic life style that features the Yama and Niyama can support protect against a good many of the contemporary conditions like Hepatitis B and AIDS. Cleanliness that is taught via Soucha can support protect against and restrict the unfold of contagious and infectious conditions. Psychological peace and ideal solution to Yoga these as Samatvam (equanimity of mind) and Vairagya (dispassionate detachment) can support protect against many of the psychosomatic conditions jogging wild in the contemporary earth. If these Yogic values as well as techniques these as Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and Dhyana are inculcated in the contemporary human race, we can protect against nearly all conditions that abound right now.   Nevertheless the ‘will’ to do so is also of paramount value as there is no money or fame in prevention and we don’t know what we have prevented for the reason that we have prevented it from taking place!

To quote the eminent neurosurgeon  Dr B Ramamurthi, “The popular revival of the Science of Yoga by contemporary Yogic instructors and Gurus, bodes great for mankind. The only way to maintain fit & nutritious is via the Science of Yoga, which transcends all religions and cults. It is a science of the mind and the entire body and requirements to be practiced by all human beings to be certain their personal long run”.

PROMOTIVE Overall health:

The exercise of Yoga prospects to the productive performing of the entire body with homeostasis via enhanced performing of the psycho-immuno-neuro-endocrine program. A well balanced equilibrium among the sympathetic and parasympathetic wings of the autonomic nervous program prospects to a dynamic point out of wellness. Yoga not only advantages the nervous program but also the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, muscular, endocrine and immune program.

Hath Yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century India, in his book  Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is the most practiced variety of entire body self-control. In the previous forty to fifty years, Hath Yoga has also been approved as  ” Therapeutic Modality” all about the earth , supported by many scientific research A variety of kinds of yogic ‘ Kriyas’ or techniques, might be Asans, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and Meditation and many others have been administered to show their effect on wellness and conditions in a scientific way.

Condition REVERSAL

Yoga has a whole lot to present in phrases of psychosomatic conditions and in strain associated conditions these as diabetes, bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy, hypertension, again discomfort and other functional conditions. Yoga can support decrease and in some circumstances do away with drug dosage and dependence in people struggling from diabetes mellitus, hypertension, epilepsy, panic, bronchial bronchial asthma, constipation, dyspepsia, insomnia, arthritis, sinusitis and dermatological conditions.

Asanas are probably the greatest software to disrupt any acquired styles of mistaken muscular endeavours. Pranayama and Pratyahara are really productive techniques to divert the individual’s focus from the objects of the outer atmosphere, to enhance a person’s vitality probable and ‘interiorize’ them, to obtain management of one’s internal performing.

We have to bear in mind Plato’s words and phrases when he said, “The treatment of the component should not be tried without the need of a treatment of the entirety,” meaning that the treatment of the entire body without the need of dealing with the mind and soul would be squander of time. Successful clinical scientist does the same. A smiling, caring medical doctor with sweet voice and gentle contact is much more of a Yogic therapist.

Yoga can support people recovering from mishaps and actual physical traumas to get again on their feet a lot quicker and with greater functional potential.


Lajpat Rai, an eminent Physiologist has done substantial examine on Chakras and Kundalini Jagran. According to Kundalini Yoga, the probable vitality found in the Chakras can be converted into kinetic variety possibly spontaneously or by meditational techniques. This phenomenon of conversion of probable vitality into kinetic vitality has been termed as “Awakening of Kundalini” which prospects to self actualization. Kundalini Chakras are claimed to be vortices of vitality spinning in circles like transformers. They are said to govern and regulate the circulation and dispersion of electricity (etheric or pranic vitality of yoga) in an electrical human infrastructure comprised of an amazing circuitry of seventy two thousand refined channels (sukshama prana nadis). Quantitatively, the 5 chakras on the backbone are additional claimed to be endowed with the features and attributes possessed and manifested by 5 cosmic things of earth, h2o, hearth, air and ether respectively. Intense meditation on the chakras websites at backbone and cranium by way of visualization of a offered chakra symbolically in phrases of a selection of petals of a lotus, its colour, audio and other components surcharges the entire body-mind-consciousness elaborate at all the 5 amounts.

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra


Thinking and partaking in action can physically change the mind, a idea identified as, “neuroplasticity”. Repeated thoughts and things to do can turn our genes on or off.

Fashionable researchers have observed that when you think regularly, focus or meditate, you turn on genes to make proteins that modify the composition of the neurons and enhance the selection of  connections among mind cells. In essence, neurons come to be greater communicators.

University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson demostrated the effect of meditation on the mind. He calculated the mind action of the novices and extremely practiced Budhist monks, and discovered that , not like the novices, when the monks meditated on “unconditional loving-kindness and compassion,” they generated impressive gama rays- the variety concerned in larger mind procedures like notion and consciousness. Therefore, the recurring psychological action of meditation altered mind performing.

Balanced Diet program:

Yoga teaches us that the trigger of most condition is via less than (Ajjeranatvam), about (Atijeeranatvam) or mistaken (Kujeeranatvam) digestion. Yoga also teaches us about the solution to foodstuff, the kinds of foodstuff as well as the value of timings and moderation in diet program. A mixture of the contemporary aspects of diet program with a dose of Yogic believed can support us take in not only the ideal matters but also in the ideal way and at the ideal time so assuring great wellness and longevity. Eminent Physiologist Prof Lajpat Rai in his wide scientific research has offered good value to Yogic Dietary Routine and has observed the effect of Fasting Therapy to buildup the inner milieu by restoring the homeostatic mechanisms.


Rest is a vital element of any Yoga remedy regimen and have to not be overlooked at any price. Shavasana has been reported to support a whole lot in hypertensive people and techniques these as Savitri Pranayama, Chandra Pranayama, Kayak Kriyas, Yoga Nidra, Anulom Viloma Prakriyas and Marmanasthanam Kriya are also obtainable to the particular person demanding this point out of finish relaxation. It is significant to bear in mind that relaxation on its personal is fewer helpful than relaxation following action.

Getting older:

Getting older is unavoidable and Yoga can support us to age gracefully.  Balanced diet program, frequent training, avoidance of damaging thoughts & routines and cultivation of the good perspective and a nutritious life style can support us to age with dignity. Yoga can also support our ‘silver citizens’ keep their psychological potential and protect against degenerative conditions these as Parkinson’s condition, Alzheimer’s and different other getting older difficulties.  Swami Gitananda Giri, Yogashri Krishnamacharya, Kannaiah Yogi, Swami Suddananda Bharathi, Yogeshwarji, Yogendraji, Swami Ram Dev and  Padma Bhushan BKS Iyengar are but a several of the Yogis who have proven us that its is feasible to grow aged without the need of getting rid of any of the actual physical or psychological schools of youth.

Everyday living Design and style Adjustments:

Yoga assists people to study to make an energy and modify their everyday living fashion for the greater so that their wellness can improve. Everyday living fashion modification is the buzzword in contemporary clinical circles and Yoga can enjoy a crucial function in this regard. Yogic diet program, Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Kriyas and relaxation are an significant part of life style modification. Dr Dean Ornish, an eminent American clinical doctor who has proven that Yogic life style can reverse heart condition. He states, “Yoga is a program of fantastic resources for achieving union as well as therapeutic.”

Experts these as Dr BK Anand, Dr KK Datey, Dr KN Udupa, Dr B Ramamurthy, Dr W Selvamurthy, Dr T Desiraju, Dr Nagendra, Dr Nagaratna, Dr Shirley Telles, Dr MV Bhole, Dr Rajapurkar, Dr Mittimohan, Dr Lajpat Rai and Dr Madanmohan and Yogacharya Dr.Ananda BalayogiBhavananihave contributed extensively toward the scientific comprehending of Yoga Vidya and Yoga Vidhi

Dr VSSM Rao writes that, “The custom of Yoga is so fantastic that we have to request methods of expounding it in contemporary scientific terminology in its place of basically evaluating it in phrases of recent principles of science, which is increasing so swiftly that a time might arrive when man would like to stay by his instinct instead than by scientific scheduling, bristling with conflicts and balancing a selection of variables not absolutely understood.”

This is for the reason that Yoga has a audio program of etiology, diagnosis and pathogenesis of condition. Therefore, we have a finish program by by itself in Yoga

Kundalini Jagran

The value of Yoga in India is recognised from the time of Krishna which is obvious from Gita.

Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (vs. 16-seventeen, Chapter VI) has said, “Yoga is not for him who eats far too substantially or far too minimal. It is not for him who sleeps far too substantially or far too minimal. It is for him who is temperate in foodstuff and recreation, temperate in his exertion at get the job done, temperate in sleep, yoga places an stop to all sorrows”

With the increasing proof collected by contemporary clinical researchers in coordination with Yoga practioners, they have no hitch to say their people ‘Never dread shadows. They basically necessarily mean there is gentle someplace nearby’

‘I burn off my candle at both ends

It might not previous the night time.

But oh! my friends, and ah! my foes,

It would make a pretty gentle.’