My best friend and I were the few left from our high school who had reached thirty and were never married and had no children. We decided that we were going to take charge of our own lives and sign up for an online dating service. The everyday guys that we were running into were not on our level, and it was only fair to us if we played a direct role in what we were trying to attract. Our thoughts were that signing up for a dating service would eliminate the incompatible guys, find us the right mate immediately, and we would instantly have the life we’ve always dreamed about.

Eliminate incompatibility

Checking boxes and writing summaries seemed like the answer to our prayers. We would only be lined up with guys who liked at least a high percentage of what we liked. No more days of dating the guy who looks good, but we have nothing to talk about. No more of the guy who is just taking us on dates that they think we like in order to build up for some sort of payout in the end. Those days for us were long gone once we signed up for Match.

Right Mate Immediately

Who knew that dating would take so long and be so hard. It all seems too good to be true, being able to be so honest on a dating site and yet someone is still considering you for a partner. Is everyone being honest on here? Maybe that’s the big twist in the whole thing. A dating site can only be responsible for the information the users give it. That’s scary, it makes me think of how fake some of these guys have been on the first date. I hope it’s not that all over again. Hopefully, folks have enough integrity to just be themselves since we’re involving a middleman already. I’m wanting this process to be perfect and fast.

The Life We Dreamed

When we finally get set up with our mates it will be so right that we’ll wonder why we couldn’t find each other ourselves. I think experiencing a dating site can open our eyes to things about ourselves that we didn’t realize before. Why were we attracting all those bad dates? The mates we will be set up with from this site were probably going to a totally different area at separate times of the day. Would we have ever run into them? I don’t think so. Now we get a chance to experience the life we’ve always wanted, and it didn’t cost us a fortune because we got a coupon deal.


Life can be tricky enough on its own. If you find yourself being lonely or sad that your dating life isn’t what it should be, maybe you should hire some help. Help from a dating site, that can weed out some of the bad stuff for you. We do still have the responsibility of investigating the situation ourselves once we’re set up. If you can, take a chance on a dating site and eliminate the incompatibility, find the right mate for you immediately, and start living the life you’ve always dreamed.