13 Health and Fitness Subscriptions to Take Your Self-Care to the Next Level

We love us a good subscription box. Beauty products? Yes, please. Books? Here’s our credit card information. But when it comes to wellness—working out, eating right, getting some much needed self care—there’s nothing better than a monthly delivery chock-full of healthy, helpful items to boost your well-being. Here are 13 great boxes are health- and wellness-oriented—and also just plain fun to get in the mail.

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Whether you’re a full-on yogi or just beginning to dabble, YogiSurprise is a super-fun treat to get each month. In every box you’ll receive six to eight full-size products designed to support your practice and well-being. From yoga accessories to natural beauty products and superfood essentials, each box ($40) will have you saying om my god, where has this been all my life?


If you’re looking for an

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Jillian Michaels gives tips on prioritizing mental and emotional health during quarantine: ‘Invest in your self-care’

Jillian Michaels is just like the rest of us as she navigates these unprecedented times. And with quarantine still a way of life, it is no surprise that the fitness expert is prioritizing ways to continue to maintain her overall health.

During Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset event, Michaels discussed the effects of the burden of uncertainty that weighs heavy on many shoulders.

“Things are scary, crazy unknown,” she said. “We have our kids at home for those of us that have kids, we’re overwhelmed in pretty much every conceivable way. And at times like this, it’s absolutely normal to say ‘I can’t handle anything else. I’m checking out on my self-care and all the other stuff that I deem to be more punishing.’ But one of the most important things you can do is invest in your self-care and prioritize your health right now.”

The former The Biggest Loser

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