State tells Sacramento County to back off on allowing gatherings, fitness studios to open

It turns out Memorial Day weekend will not be quite the big economic and social reopening moment that Sacramento residents and businesses owners had hoped.

Sacramento County health chief Peter Beilenson on Thursday reversed his approval from earlier this week for fitness centers to reopen, saying state health officials had stepped in to tell him it’s too soon.

Beilenson said state health officials also told him to back off of his plans to allow groups of up to 10 get together, with social distancing, starting this weekend.

The county still intends to issue a revised coronavirus “stay home” directive on Friday that will immediately allow restaurants to reopen for both indoor and outdoor dining. Tables must be six feet apart. And, for now, people should only dine at the same table with members of their household.

That order, approved by the state, also will allow stores to reopen for

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