Test Your Fitness, Build Muscle And Spark Your Metabolism With Our Dumbbell-Only Workout Challenge

Photo credit: Esquire - Getty Images
Photo credit: Esquire – Getty Images

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Working every minute, on the minute (EMOM), you’re going to perform one rep on each side of your body of each exercise. Then you add an additional rep to each movement, every minute, until you can no longer perform the prescribed reps in sixty seconds. Your ‘score’ is the number of the last full round you successfully completed.

So, on the first minute you’ll perform one reverse lunge on your left, switch the dumbbell into your other hand and perform one reverse lunge on your right.

Then, lower the dumbbell to the floor and perform one clean and press on your left, switching hands once the dumbbell is back on the floor and finishing with one clean and press on your right.

Then on every additional minute you’ll add one rep to each movement ie. 2 lunges on the left, 2 on

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Virus crisis a challenge for youth fitness nonprofits

CHICAGO (AP) — Mariana Ochoa worries about the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on her three boys. Their school is closed. She can’t take them to their favorite park at the moment. There is no backyard at their home on the southwest side of Chicago.

The fitness routines she gets from Chicago Run are a weekly highlight for Mariano, 9, Victor, 7, and Jesus, 5.

“They forget about all this stuff when we’re doing exercise,” Mariana Ochoa said. “Especially when we do exercise, they go to a different world.”

Nonprofit organizations like Chicago Run have become a key component of communities across the United States in an era of big-budget youth sports, providing fitness opportunities and activities for children from middle- and low-income neighborhoods.

The coronavirus pandemic has put many of those organizations in jeopardy, robbing them of locations for their programs and straining their already limited sources for funding.

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