Alternative Ways of Using Dog Treats

A majority of people love dogs. There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend judging from how loyal they are. In fact, dogs are so protective of their owners and they would do anything to ensure that their owner is happy and safe. These animals are very intelligent, and they know how to sense when you are in a bad mood, in danger, or even sick. Research shows that dogs can even smell cancerous cells within a human and try to warn them early. It is therefore no surprise how human beings try and reciprocate the love by taking good care of their dogs and giving them treats. Here are some of the ways dog owners use treats

To Rearward Your Dog

Dogs appreciate positive reinforcement just the way humans do. When they do something good or avoid doing something bad, it is always good to show them how much you appreciate that action. Eventually, they are likely to repeat the action several times afterwards. If you are trying to teach your dog a new trick, this works perfectly. The dog will associate the treat with the action you want done if you give them a treat each time they do it. It is kind of like Ivan Pavlov’s food experiment with the food and the bell. Treats are definitely the best way of teaching an old dog new tricks.
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Hiding Medication
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Similar to human beings, dogs don’t like taking medication. It is always a challenge to get your dog to take some medications especially if you have tried it and they didn’t like the taste or smell. Using dog treats to hid pills is a great way of taking medication. You can use any kind of food, that you are sure your dog loves.

Cheese is something dogs like snacking on and you can use it to hide the medication. Once you roll up the pill inside the cheese or smash it up and hid it in the middle your dog will take it without any problems. You can also use tuna. All you need to do is mix the powdered pill inside and give it to your dog. However, if your dog likes fruits you can put the pill in the middle and give it to them. Bananas are great for this type of thing. With this technique, your dog gets their treat and medicine without any struggle.

Dog Breath Treats

Once your dog is no longer a puppy you might have to find some tricks to help with their bad breath. You can deal with this using a variety of treats you can make at home. One can make great treats for this purpose using dill, parsley, and mint and your dog will love them.