Importance of relationships. Developmental Psychology

Developmental theorist Eric Erickson found that psychological growth and development can occur throughout the life span. He identified eight life stages, each with a specific psychosocial problem that, if successfully resolved, brings about growth and the potential to master the next stage. The eighth and final life stage he called “maturity.” At this juncture, a person comes to realize that his or her life cannot be relived. Successful negotiation brings about ego integrity—a sense of peace with life as it was lived. If integrity does not develop, the person experiences despair, and regret about one’s life dominates. There is fear that death will come before a meaningful life can be experienced. Alternatively, a sense of integrity fosters wisdom. Erickson viewed the wise elder as contributing to society and future generations through interactions with younger people.

Compared to studies of intelligence, little research has been conducted on wisdom. Difficulty in defining and measuring this construct is likely the reason. In many situations, wisdom may be as valuable as intelligence, particularly in a rapidly changing technological world that requires personal flexibility.

Knowledge is an aspect of wisdom and includes the ability to know the limits of one’s knowledge. Wisdom also involves knowing what problems need solving and what problems can be let go. It includes the desire to evaluate things in depth. Those who possess wisdom have a tolerance for ambiguity and for things that inevitably get in the way. Further, those who are wise are motivated to understand and appreciate the impact of the context that surrounds a situation.

Importance of relationships

Social contact is an essential human element that has direct effects on health and emotional well-being. Relationships also act as potential buffers against stress. Numerous studies have shown that stress negatively affects one’s immune system. This is of particular importance for the elderly because immune functioning tends to diminish with age. New evidence is emerging that strong social relationships also promote recovery from certain illnesses. A recent study of 180 elderly men showed that those who experienced emotional support and companionship were at lower risk for developing heart disease. Another investigation found subjects who had strong relationships to be at lower risk of dying after a myocardial infarction than those who lacked supportive relations. Death rates are higher among people who are socially isolated. The sheer number of relationships is not the important factor, but the quality. For example, the presence of a family member does not automatically imply a meaningful relationship. Extensive research on gender differences suggests that the nature of relationships differs for men and women. Women tend to have more intimate connections. They benefit from having more positive feelings toward relationships. However, women also tend to suffer more from relationships because investment in others’ concerns can lead to increased conflict and stress. For this reason, relationships for men sometimes can provide greater protection from stress.

Both fulfilling informal and formal human connections can be healthful. Formal supports may include a member of the clergy, housekeeper, visiting …

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Signs That Your Relationship is in Trouble

Most relationships start on a promising note but many among them hit a rough patch after a few months or a few years. Misunderstandings start creeping in and suddenly your relationship doesn’t seem perfect anymore.

If situation continues for a few months and is not addressed, it may go out of hand and you may be headed for a split.

You might be wondering if there are any warning signs that can prevent an imminent separation. Sure there are many warning signs that you need to address promptly to save your relationship.

The most common signs of a troubled relationship are:

1) Decrease In Passion

It is natural that passion will wary from time to time as it depends on many factors such as stress, fatigue, day to day pressures. However if you stop responding to your partner’s responses, it is a wake up call that needs some serious attention.

2) Arguments

A healthy relationship allows free exchange of ideas and feelings. However when you are unable to talk about your feelings and most of your conversation is happening through arguments, it can lead to disastrous results. An argument solves nothing but only increases the tension and hastens the separation.

3) Avoidance

A healthy relationship allows solving problems together by straight talk and sharing. Everyone faces a lot of problems on a daily basis and a healthy relationship gives the courage to face and solve them. This comes from the fact that your partner respects you and is willing to help you in your problems. But when you start avoiding your partner, remain silent to his / her problems, it can quickly deteriorate your relationship.

4) Jealousy

Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that can ruin relationships very quickly. When your relationship is in trouble, it leads to unwarranted jealousy that may not stem from infidelity. This type of jealousy is often a reflection of loss of self-esteem and a deep sense of insecurity.

5) Depression

When a relationship is in trouble, it quickly leads to depression. This depression is a reflection of a person’s innermost fears that leads them to believe that the trouble in relationship is their own fault, or there is nothing wrong with their relationship, or they might be left alone after the break up.

6) Lack Of Time

When your relationship is going great you can find the right balance between love, responsibility, and other demands even if you have less time. But when a relationship turns sour, you are often unwilling to share your time and love with your partner even when you have time.

7) Anxiety

An unresolved issue in your personal life can lead to increased anxiety. The most telling sign of anxiety is change in sleep patterns. It could be a pointer that your sub-conscious mind is grappling with some aspect of you relationship that needs an immediate overhaul.

8) Dependency

Too much dependency can also ruin a relationship. Due to increase in dependency, one person is likely to feel burdened, the …

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Jealousy Problems: Does it Destroy Love?

The answer to that question is that yes, literally jealousy can destroy love in a relationship. This applies to both the jealous person and the victim of the jealousy as this destructive emotion has the power to damage and break up a relationship. Insecurity is the root of jealous feelings and these feelings can be very addictive as well as full of powerful, raw emotions.

Jealousy problems frequently happen to two people in a relationship. And if the issue is not addressed early on in the relationship, typical control issues and problems may start when accusations based on real or imagined suspicious behavior by the other partner. These worries blossom could blossom into an obsessive type of jealousy that creates problems with both partners if the issues are not addressed right away.

When there is the threat of losing a loved one many people let go of rational thought and dive deep into very powerful emotions they can’t always control. These emotions are extreme anger, fear of losing control, and unhealed pain from past losses. Some of it is also learned behavior experienced while growing up with family such as parents or relatives. Whatever the case may be, these untamed emotions hurt and frighten both the jealous person and the person that is the victim of the jealousy.

The negative association to jealousy is that it hurts and destroys the love between two people in relationship. Most people in a committed relationship love each other and do not want to destroy that special bond and love between each other. Remember: jealousy is not proof that a relationship is built on love. The addictive feeling can literally take over a relationship so that one of the partners begins to lose love and desire for the other partner. There is nothing positive and no good can come from angry, controlling behavior except that in the long run, both partners will eventually break up as a result—if the jealousy problems are not addressed.

When you think that your partner has gone overboard in accusations that seem overly suspicious or paranoid, it’s time the you seek professional help. It’s common that the jealous person may focus on being over possessive that has paranoid and suspicious accusations that going along with it. If your partner will not go, then you should make an appointment for yourself first. An experienced counselor or psychologist that deal with relationships will be able to help you. As a prospective client, interview the counselor first-if they do not seem to have a good grasp of your situation, keep trying to find someone else you can resonate with.

Many average relationships will experience some healthy insecurity and anxiety issues that is normal and typical of most relationships. Once these insecurity issues cross the line with uncalled for accusations, uncontrolled emotion, and constant scrutiny of your activities—then you probably have a problem. If your partner is overly concerned with you by constant phone calls, emails, or texting, then you have reason to …

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Determination Phobia Sabotages Interactions – It Can Be Preset

A person who avoids and fears committing in a relationship is a motivation phobic. Most usually, a motivation phobic has a deep seated worry of intimacy. This worry exists even nevertheless a motivation phobic person seriously needs to be beloved and have a deep and significant relationship. Past trauma is what blocks a motivation phobic person from developing a typical wholesome and loving relationship. They have made a belief technique about relationships that is untrue. This worry is a wholesome worry but it is taken to the serious.

People who suffer from this worry often exhibit clear indicators. They may use the excuse that they have not located the ideal person but. They might have been married and divorced extra than as soon as and have had affairs in the course of their marriage. They have to have their place when in a relationship and pull absent immediately from intensity.

Despite their dreadful track file, they are incredibly witty and simple to be captivated way too. They harbor deep rooted feelings that leaves them with minor or any issue about other person’s feelings. The relationship is all about them.

They can be incredibly affectionate and loving at the begin of a relationship mainly because subconsciously they know that the relationship will not previous a lengthy time so they consider what they can get in the beginning and then begin to ignore their spouse towards the end of a relationship. They know the relationship will end but they do not commonly initiate the break up. This is mainly because they adore the chase. When a spouse finishes the relationship, they might try out to gain them back. They may say that they will improve but they do not.

Determination phobic people today commonly have to have some form of counseling or therapy to shift towards a alternative of their worry. If you are involved with a motivation phobic person, you have to back absent and perform difficult to get. You can assistance them if they come to a decision to get enable but you need to continue to date other people today. Never ever enable a motivation phobic person feel that you have been won about by them entirely.

Have patience with your spouse and enable him to get to the root of the worry. Commonly the trauma will come from childhood. Quite possibly mainly because the motivation phobic mom and dad were being abusive or had relationship concerns of their own. In serious instances of phobia, medication might be needed. Don’t forget that matters will consider time to mend. The conquering of this worry under no circumstances transpires right away.

Moreover therapy, self enable groups are available. They can be useful so that a motivation phobic can see that there are other people today struggling with the similar struggle. They do not have to fight this worry on your own.

With time, patience and knowing this worry can be about appear. Never ever ignore it or depart it to probability. …

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Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies Strain Seeds

Image result for Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies Strain Seeds"

Being the most prevalent drug consumed by people around the globe, cannabis has been in the limelight for quite some time and the principal reason for this is the recent trend of evolution in the sphere of cannabis. With the drug being banned in the late 1960’s in the United States of America, it has again popped up, with all due credits to be given to the activists who have been fighting for the legalization of cannabis. With the legalization occurring in prominent countries of the world such as Canada, a few number of states in the United States have also legalized the use of cannabis and rightly so and this is largely because of the benefits it disposes to its users, both physically and mentally and a great example of this being the benefits the girl scout cookies strain seeds dispense to its users and the following points support this notion: 

Treats insomnia 

Being a great strain for treating insomnia, the girl scout cookies have been known to provide a sedative-type feeling, which would essentially put you in a state of relaxation and disperse the levels of stress in you, eventually making you ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Alleviate symptoms of PTSD 

Standing for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is quite an established fact now that the girl scout cookies possess the vital potential of treating stress, and therefore becomes the perfect fit for the treatment of PTSD. With its ability of calming the nerves of any stressed person, it can be termed as the most viable alternative option of treatment for such conditions. 

Remedy for chronic pain 

With the various components of chemicals that can induce a mode of relaxation into the system of a person, it can definitely lower down the levels of chronic pain in the body, hence also becoming a remedy for chronic pain. 

Gateway to euphoria 

With a smooth and mint flavored aroma complemented with a fiery note of brown sugar and spice, the girl scout cookies can catapult a person into a world of euphoria. With characteristics of that of deep relaxation, a sound and a good night’s sleep along with the ability to last for almost an entire day, be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime. 

Therapeutic for a spectrum of conditions 

With a chemical composition that can treat the conditions mentioned above, the girl scout cookies also have the ability to treat a wide scale of conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to inflammation and also from nausea to even cramps and muscle tension. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that the girl scout cookies strain seeds do indeed dispense a plethora of medical benefits to its users and hence, have every reason to be in high demand all over the world. 


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The Best Medical TV Shows

To be sure, there are some excellent television shows about the medical world, and there are some not so good shows as well. In my opinion, the shows listed in this article are some of the best medical shows to air, but that does not mean there are not others. It just means I have never watched them. So here they are, in no particular order: the best medical TV shows in my opinion.

Doogie Howser, M.D.

Anyone who did not watch this show in the early 90s really missed out on an excellent bit of comedy and drama. Doogie Howser was a child prodigy and surgeon at Eastman Medical Center in the show. He became a licensed doctor at 14, which is absolutely unheard of. The show followed his medical journey as well as his emotion journey for acceptance from his colleagues and kids his age. This was definitely one of the best shows of the early 90s.

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman

Another show from the 1990s was Klikdokter Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. Dr. Michaela Quinn practiced medicine in the small town of Colorado Springs. The show took place in the 1800s, so there was not much in the way of official squeaky clean hospitals, which is what made it unique. Dr. Quinn was not welcomed very well in the small town, since she was a female doctor, but she proved that her skill was beyond compare in each episode. Eventually, everyone called on “Dr. Mike” as she was nicknamed.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

The worst part about this show is that the episodes are all true stories. The title tells it all: a woman winds up pregnant and does not recognize the signs, so when she goes into labor, she absolutely freaks out. The stories are incredible because you see these women going through very few symptoms of pregnancy, but since they do not suspect they are pregnant, they tend to chalk it up to something else. As a woman who is currently pregnant with her first child, I can say with certainty that I knew I was pregnant based on all typical signs, so I have a hard time watching this show and understanding these women. However, it is definitely fascinating, especially if you did not know of any other women who had been through something like this.

House, M.D.

The doctor we all love to hate, Dr. Gregory House, absolutely makes this list. The show is categorized as a medical drama, but it is easy to find humor in many scenes simply because Dr. House can be so outrageously ridiculous sometimes. He is a diagnostician with a team of interns who take on interesting and seemingly unsolvable cases of patients with strange symptoms. Dr. House and his team usually think they have the disease or problem figured out, but then a wrench is thrown into the game in the form of a seemingly random symptom unrelated to their diagnosis.


Dr. John Dorian, also …

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Relationship Warning Indicators – Choose This Relationship Take a look at to Guideline you

Is your relationship flashing warning indicators? Are you in a relationship that you have some uncertainties about? Would you like some insight about how to address your challenges but will not want to share too a lot with your relatives or your ideal buddies about what you are sensation?

Normally, it is frightening to discuss about warning indicators with those people closest to you. When they hear what you are likely via, they may hold a grudge in opposition to your appreciate. You and your partner may function it out and get above it…but your buddies and relatives will not likely.

To aid you be informed of warning indicators, and to appraise your relationship, get this assessment examination. Level your self on a scale of -10, 10 staying the ideal rating. Score each individual segment:

·8-10 Superior. You are accomplishing properly in this space.

·5-7 Alright. You may will need to function on this space, but it can almost certainly be solved.

·0-four Requires function. Do not move forward with no expert counseling.

Relationship Assessment Take a look at

Warning Signal #one. SHARED Vision:

The first warning signal is if you want to direct diverse life. Question your self: Do my partner and I have a distinct photo of what we want in life? Do we have prevalent objectives for our long run alongside one another? Example: do you desire about residing in an apartment in Paris, and does he rhapsodize about someday residing on a farm in West Virginia? If so, this is not a shared vision.

two. Identical VALUES:

A big warning signal is possessing diverse values. Do you know each individual other people values? Do you both appreciate youngsters, tell the real truth, imagine in fidelity, are both frugal, etc. Example: If you benefit Sunday church and your faith and he is an atheist, you have a broad change of view about what is crucial.

three. Particular person MISSION:

A warning signal is when just one man or woman has no path or reason to their life. Do you know each individual other people mission? Are you both informed that you have unique abilities and gifts and are you well prepared to wholeheartedly assistance each individual other in working with them? Example: Are you scheduling to be a health care provider, but your partner genuinely needs to be a couch potato? If so, you are not on the exact web page.

four. Thriving AS A One:

A massive warning signal is if just one of you is needy. Have both of you been joyful and profitable as singles? Do you know how to be by itself and how to make your self joyful? Are you on the lookout for anyone to make you joyful? Are you searching for a partner out of desperation or will need? Example: you both have buddies, assistance programs, funds, and occupations.

five. BAGGAGE Dealt with:

Carrying baggage from the earlier is a massive warning signal. Have you both cleaned up your baggage …

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Prescription drugs, Liquor and Self-Damaging Interactions

It is really common for two addicts or alcoholics to find them selves struggling with relationship addiction because co-dependency accompanied by a drug or alcohol addiction is really consuming to those associated.

Drug addiction is epitomised by loneliness and isolation. An addict’s drug and alcohol use would make interaction with un-addicted individuals challenging. Shame and guilt and the have to have to use would make an addict withdraw from modern society whilst at the exact same time getting pushed absent by their cherished types because of to their breaking claims, thieving and common delinquent behaviour.

The interactions
Several recovering addicts and alcoholics converse of their ‘rock bottom’ working experience consisting of festering in their spot of living for months on close with only their ideal good friend to ease and comfort them: their ideal good friend getting their medication and/or alcohol. Obtaining a in the same way troubled individual to share this daily life of regular drug use and isolation seems to bring a hurry of ease and comfort and basic safety to the desolation that their lives have develop into. It is common for such a couple to not often be witnessed, except when emerging to satisfy their dealer.

Addicts who satisfy at the height of their addiction and type a relationship rife with co-dependency is not the only way relationship addiction progresses. Two addicts who are not but in the worst levels of their addiction could develop into associated with every single other, and working experience their addiction worsening as their relationship reveals increasing signs of relationship addiction and co-dependency. As their drug use spirals out of control and they find their addiction progressing via employing more difficult medication, they often get started to withdraw from pals and spouse and children and only want to shell out time with their companion.

Why do addicts develop into associated in these interactions?
Experts have stated for decades that identical energies entice every single other. The exact same seems to take place in humans – those in a identical condition of mental overall health or illness entice every single other. This is why it is really common for two drug addicts to be associated in a relationship. Addicts are really unwell individuals – their mental condition is really sick, attracting unhealthy companions.

It is not likely for a really healthy specific with a business grasp of feelings, tasks and coping abilities to be captivated to a heroin addict for instance, who has no grasp of emotional and mental maturity. Having said that, two unhealthy individuals in a relationship spells disaster as the relationship gets centered on drug use, co-dependency and unhealthy wants getting met.

To a drug addict, their medication and employing are the most important points in their daily life. Spouse and children and pals are avoided as they are positive to disapprove of the drug use and hinder the addict from employing. Obligations that interfere with their addiction are ignored, no issue what the consequence. Every little thing of …

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Comprehend Manager-Subordinate Interactions

Some of my colleagues and fellow supervisors are robust specialized skills as working in the advance technological innovation field but they are weak in persons management or managerial abilities.  They discovered challenging time to begin building relationship properly with their subordinates from the initial working day in posture.  Remember your initial working day in your latest posture as a boss, you need to get acquaintance with your subordinates to recognize their names, their routines, their strengths, their weaknesses, and equally significant, is their attitudes.  How will they build working relationship with you?  How do you recognize the dimensions driving the relationship?  In the next paragraph, I will show you the distinctive ways of building relationship properly and positively. 

Romantic relationship by Task Title

The initial action is relationship by title.  In the very commencing, the relationship is simply relied on your remarkable position title around your subordinates for instance, supervisor with staff members, and supervisor with worker.  Your relationship or supply of electric power is come with the subordinates’ notion of an authority attained from your remarkable position.  Without the need of this, you are almost nothing a lot more than a peer working with them.  You simply cannot buy and instruct them.  

Romantic relationship by Task Information

The 2nd action or phase is the reliable position-related know-how carried with you.  Your working expertise and your education qualifications will raise your professionalism and your authority in your division.  In reality, your income and package presented by the business is the greater part depended on this to negotiate during your position interview with latest business.  Your subordinates will come to you with concerns, and sometimes with problems, and search for your solutions and advises.  It is a appropriate instant you can even more enhance the relationship by giving them with skills solutions and successful guidance to solve their challenges.                

Romantic relationship by Respect

The last action is the relationship by respect.  This is just one of the significant components to maintain the optimistic relationship with your team.  If you can coach your subordinates with your expert know-how and with enthusiastic mindset, you will win the respect from your team less than your leadership.  Equally significant, you ought to respect them as they respect you.  This action will assist building a optimistic and lengthy-long lasting working relationship with your subordinates.    

Productive Staff

As soon as you recognize the phases of relationship building, you will be in a rapidly track to build the vital relationship with your subordinates in the working setting.  You will properly handle and get together with them to build a sizeable successful team.  Also, the relationship will endorse and rebuild rely on amongst you and your subordinates.  To conclude, staff will make commitments to the organization if they respect their bosses and are highly regarded in change by their bosses.…

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Chiron and Her Insider secrets to Your Associations

Would not you really like it if there was a device you could use (in addition to a crystal ball) that could convey to you a little bit additional precisely whether or not this relationship is THE a person, or if it just isn’t really “intended to be”?

In astrology there is such a “crystal ball” style response and that is with Chiron. Chiron is particular and has some particular solutions to these significant queries. You have to look for facets in between your Chiron and your partner’s Venus first of all to see if you have a trine, conjunction, inconjunct or a linkage in the declinations. These facets can fairly significantly convey to you whether or not this particular person is a soul mate for you. Sad to say, if you have an component such as square or opposition, it could reveal that there is a powerful want to turn out to be married but it is or could be “the unachievable desire”. Even if you do get married, there will normally seem like there is certainly a thing not really right. Normally a significant degree of fantasy, and maybe possessing much too significant of expectations.

Now the a person to really look out for is Saturn. This a person can be mighty aggravating. You can have all the amazing synastry in the world, but if Saturn is in a hard component to your Chiron or vice versa then you have a dilemma. One particular or the other particular person will seemingly have command more than the relationship and he or she could also in the extensive operate break your coronary heart. The facets to look out for are the conjunction, inconjunct, square, opposition and in the declinations the contra parallel. Now the conjunction can also be a great point much too, it can indicate a extensive time period relationship, but the particular person who is the Saturn particular person still has some degree of command more than the relationship in some way.

In the total compatibility of your relationship this individual astrological component can assist you to determine if there is extensive time period likely. Specially look for these indicators if you are needing to get married as this on your own can assist you to determine if this is the right particular person for you.

So, in advance of you commit way much too significantly time with the mistaken particular person, or you come to feel this is the right particular person and just want some validation I would strongly check out these facets for your extensive time period really like prospective customers.…

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