The Best Exercises to Do at Your Desk, According to Fitness Pros

Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 – Getty Images

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Let’s get real: sitting with perfect posture is tough work.

We’re talking about keeping the spine straight, the vertebrae and pelvis stacked on top of each other … keeping your abs slightly squeezed with your shoulders rolled back and down, away from your ears. It’s a lot to think about. Since holding perfect sitting posture requires quite a bit of muscle endurance and mental space, it’s challenging to maintain for 10-15 minutes let alone eight hours.

As the work day progresses, we slip into slouch-mode, over-stressing certain muscles and compromising our shoulder, hip, and back health. You might feel tight, sore, and even foggy after a long desk-bound day. In fact, some studies suggest that sitting for prolonged periods can decrease blood flow to the brain, reducing your mental productivity. What’s more, doctors have found that a sedentary lifestyle can

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Apple’s watchOS 7 includes sleep tracking and an upgraded Fitness app

Your health takes a more prominent role. The Activity app has been renamed Fitness, and on the iPhone has a “streamlined” redesign that provides a clearer view of your habits. The watch version includes additional workouts like dancing, core, functional strength and even your cooldowns. Noise warnings now include a warning when you reach the WHO’s recommended weekly amount of headphone listening. And just as in iOS 14, Maps on the Apple Watch now has cycling-specific directions.

You can also share watch faces, so your friends won’t have to wonder how to get the look you spent a long time creating. Third-party apps can provide different info across multiple complications. And there are new complications, including a tachymeter on a new Chronograph Pro face and a supersized complication on the X-Large face.

Siri translations are available on-device with the watch, too.

WatchOS 7 is available to developers right today,

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Sports and Fitness Industry Sees a Long Road Ahead

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As states nationwide loosen stay-at-home restrictions and consumers are getting more accustomed to greater mobility, the ath-leisure market and sports industry are also starting to stretch back into shape.

In the second edition of its monthly COVID-19 industry impact report, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association highlighted some hints of progress, while acknowledging companies are still warming up. Looking at the long road ahead for a financial rebound, 60 percent of respondents said they expect some semblance of pre-COVID-19 sales to return in 2021 or later.

Most product categories saw considerable declines in sales from year-to-year, as millions of consumers have restricted their discretionary spending due to the pandemic. The most recent monthly survey showed signs of improvement with 56 percent of the sports and fitness companies saying sales grew from April to May.

Representing manufacturers, retailers and marketers, SFIA’s president Tom Cove

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