SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, N.Y. — After declining steadily for years, prices for many commodity metals like aluminum, copper, and zinc are climbing back up. Thanks to new updates at, scrap metal sellers all across the country can quickly find the best prices in their own local areas.

With all 50 states and thousands of cities now covered in the site’s listings, a quick visit to is all that it takes to make sure of getting the most for any load of scrap metal. Thanks to strong relationships with more than 7,000 scrapyards worldwide, is the leading source for up-to-date scrap metal pricing information. As commodity metal prices rise higher, interest in selling scrap will do the same, and the recent updates to will therefore be helpful to many.

“Since about last August, we’ve seen a real uptick in world market commodity prices for many metals, and those developments are inevitably reflected in the prices that local scrapyards pay,” said representative Jason Pritchard. “This means many more sellers are becoming active, and we’re ready to help out. With our new updates, the site now covers every state in the country, making up-to-date pricing from scrapyards all over available. We’re happy to be able to push these important new updates at a time when so many scrap sellers are looking to do business in their own local areas.”

Thanks to an excess of global supply that developed alongside weakening demand, commodity prices for many common metals started falling steadily beginning around 2011. The trend for a number of metals, including aluminum, copper, lead, tin, and zinc, seems to have reversed, however, with world market prices now standing well above their levels of six months or a year ago.

The prices paid for scrap metals by buyers all around the United States and elsewhere in the world tend to track such developments closely. is the top destination for sellers seeking reliable, timely pricing information for scrapyards in their own areas. Recent updates expand the site’s local scrap metal pricing information to cover all 50 states, with everything from major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to much smaller ones included. With higher prices now enticing more sellers into the scrap metal market, the updates will benefit many.

Find the best local, up-to-date scrap metal prices for any place in the United States at

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