Gov. Cooper issues health guidelines for NC schools, says it won’t be a ‘reckless decision’

Even as North Carolina’s rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and people hospitalized by the virus are concerning to state officials, Gov. Roy Cooper said the state has finalized health guidelines needed to reopen the state’s public schools later this year.

The guidance, released during a Monday news conference, would require North Carolina public schools to increase cleanings and do daily temperature check on all people entering school buildings and school buses.

Daily temperature checks will be challenging at larger schools which have 2,000 or more students.

To promote social distancing, schools would be required to mark out spaces showing 6 feet of separation.

Some health guidance is recommended but not required including:

Wearing cloth face coverings.

Keeping students 6 feet apart in class. If that’s not feasible, schools are urged to have students all face the same direction.

Keep students 6 feet apart on school buses. This

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